What kind of belt buckles do you like?

Maybe it’s time. Just maybe it’s time for you to give some serious thought to your belt buckles for men. It can be food for thought. The men’s belt buckle is something that is often overlooked. You are familiar with that old-fashioned statement that clothes make the man. No matter what your dress sense or style is this is not something to be overlooked. It makes a world of difference to your look and how you project yourself in this busy environment.

The business suit is all fine and dandy, but it all goes pear shaped when a gaudy, poorly chosen tie is knotted. Bow ties are back in these days, but the clip on tie is still a bit tacky. Cowboys will always have their big belt buckles. Let them, because that’s what defines them. Let’s not forget those hats too. So, if you consider yourself to be something of a cowboy then that part’s easy for you. You can simply lasso your way through some catalogues and pick out your next best big cowboy buckle.

If you want to make a good statement in your urban environment, as a smart and snappy dresser in suits and silk ties, make sure you pick out the right belt too. Make sure it’s real leather and be a little more careful with the belt buckle. Make sure that its square. Make sure that it’s just the right size – in diameter size, it’s going to be slightly bigger than your belt – and make sure that it complements the rest of your outfit.

Take the same amount of clothing care over your smart casual looks too and be distinctive with your belt buckle. Try it out for size and see if it works for you.